Monday, 25 June 2012


Don't you just love children's books? They're so cute. Takes me back to the days when I was young and I pestered my dad to make me some bookshelves which he did and then paint them, which he did - bright pink with purple stripes! But I was ever so proud because then I could put all my books on my shelf and show it off to my friends. Back in those days I had heaps of books and I guess it was good for my parents to see them sitting on a shelf instead of all over the bedroom floor.

So when I was able to read 'The Magic Window' by author John M. H. Pratt it took me back to those days of when I delighted in those types of books.

The Magic Window is a  picture book story of a family of robins who build a nest in a colourful picturesque setting. The author has photographed the pictures himself and brings alive the  natural habitat of the family as the babies hatch, grow and learn to fly.

It's a wonderful bed time story for the littelies and I'm sure many praents and grandparents will love reading it to them.


TOE THE LINE by Dick Hannah

What can I say about this book except that it was awesome. There is a fine line between murder mystery and romance when they are combined but Hannah wrote it so well, in fact, I fell in love with his characters. And the literary descriptions he gives us of Seattle (the city in which the story takes place) are beyond what I'd expect from a relatively new author. He made me think I was there too!

Small business owner and triathlete Wynn Johnston, finds his life in turmoil when his training and business partner, Wheeler, is murdered at Seattle airport. As Wynn delves into the Wheeler's past he unravels a past that his friend was involved in. And the murderer is stalking him across Seattle.

Of course, what's a murder mystery without a little bit of romance huh? So of course and maybe for us ladies, Hannah has delightfully added a touch of this there for us.

I hope Mr Hannah that you truly enjoy writing books as I believe you do, for I will certainly be waiting for your next one.


Saturday, 23 June 2012


In the first edition of  the 'Prior's Ford' series by Eve Houston, we left the residents with their situation of the quarry settled , yet not all was resolved in the lives of the villagers.

This time around, we pick up from there and are welcoming a popular television soap actress to the village.
An aloof step-daughter arrives and seeks refuge and consolation.
Unexpected news from up at 'Linn Manor' causes alarm.
And another long, lost step-daughter moves in, that sweet little toddler has become a difficult teenager with a grudge to settle.

Oh how I'd LOVE to live in a village just like this one! I wonder sometimes if village life is like that in the real world?

The settings are still so impossibly close to how I'd imagine them to be, because Eve Houston has taken the trouble to explain in detail about the area where 'Prior's Ford' is situated, though I'm pretty sure it's fictional.
Here's a run down of what you might expect if you are ever lucky to visit.

Enjoy my fellow booklovers!

Friday, 22 June 2012


Hello once again my fellow booklovers! How are you all doing? It's been so nice to catch up with you all. I've been really quite busy with my new series of books about Prior's Ford. Written by Eve Houston she has sequels and I'm very much enjoying them.

As you know, I'm into all those books that relate to fictional village life and these fit the reading bill nicely. It's like Rebecca Shaw all over again but with different kinds of twists and turns. So far I've bought three of them from Amazon and was lucky to down load one free via Kindle so it's all good.

The first book is called 'Secrets In Prior's Ford'. There is consternation among the villagers of pretty Scottish Borders town Prior's Ford' when a firm expresses interest in reopening an old granite quarry. Publican Glen organises a protest group then starts to feel nervous with the outcome. Jenny Forsyth is shocked that someone comes forward from her past. Newly widowed Clarissa Ramsay discovers her deceased husband Keith had a secret life while up at Linn Hall the owners realise they have much more at stake  with the changes threatened by the quarry reopening.

Such fun books to read. Eve Houston has done well to explain the outline of the village and the residents lives - it's like your actually there! I love being in the moment with a book and this delivers.
So, if your into these lovely books and enjoy light easy reading then I say, look them over.

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Love to crochet. I've had this hobby since I was a teenager. Though I can't knit and have been shown numerous times, I'm a mean crochet blanket maker. Now, I'm going into the tricky side of it (well for me anyway), I'm going to attempt to crochet ladies tops. It's the treble and funny names they have that I'm going to have to learn but at least I can pick up a stitch quite easily if I drop it, not like knitting where I can never find the damn thing when I drop/lose it.

So I've finished heaps of baby blankets now and have given them away as little gifts to anyone I know who's expecting the stork some time soon, so why not give my hand to little matinee tops for bubs and some pretty tops for the ladies?

Hmmm, see how I go.

I did find some great books for crochet learners that I've linked to the side bar. One I purchased has easy, peasy instructions, the book for 'dummies' like moi.

Do any of you crochet?
Do you have any easy, peasy patterns?


Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I've enjoyed all of Maeve Binchy's books so far and I've still yet to read some more. Began with 'Tara Road' and liked it so much I bought the DVD, though as I've said in my very first blog post here, movies never really come close to the reading. But enough of the movie stuff, the book 'Tara Road' had me imagining all types of scenes, what with the much talked about house and it's renovations, Rita and Marilyn - the main two characters -  who decide to get away from it all after tragedies are hurled at them out of the blue, and with those life changes comes huge adjustments. There is the loveable 'Quentins' restaurant where a lot of soul searching takes place.

With Maeve Binchy at her best, she takes 'Quentins' through a few more novels and we are allowed to be swept into the lives of new characters but with the twist of them all knowing one another whether it be friend or foe.

Not all of Maeve Binchy's novels are about this particular field, other books she's written are just good ole' Irish reading novels - yet you get the feeling of the most cosiest kind with each and every one of her stories.

Since 1982 Meave Binchy has notched up a dozen or so novels and short stories. I loved her quick read books, and all of these have become best sellers.

Have a little read of one of her novels on the bookloverscouch and I'm sure you'll be wanting more.

Check her out at the  link on the right hand side and let me know what you think.


Friday, 1 June 2012

THE SHIFTING FOG. author - Kate Morton

With over one million copies sold worldwide, it's no wonder this murder mystery was a real page turner.
Published as 'The House At Riverton', the title 'The Shifting Fog' is actually the name the fictional character Ursula calls it. Ursula decides to make a movie about the murder that took place at 'The House At Riverton', but she wants and does name the movie 'The Shifting Fog'. Hope I haven't confused you there but that's why this book can be found under both titles.

Loveable old Grace is the character who holds the key to the mystery. She knew exactly what took place that night back in 1924 and yet it was a secret that she never intended to be told. Now that Grace is residing in an old aged nursing home in the year 1999, she's introduced to the young Ursula who is intent on telling the story.

The book is written from past to present tense and yet we don't lose track due to the writing habit of author Kate Morton - she makes it very easy for us to follow.

Still, a riveting book that it is, I was often reminded of the movie 'Titanic' where Rose is taken back from her old age to her younger days upon the oceanliner with Jack. The 'Shifting Fog' does the same, ever so gracefully.

Please take the time to read this book, it really was a can't-put-down type of book and a pleasure to read.