Monday, 25 June 2012


Don't you just love children's books? They're so cute. Takes me back to the days when I was young and I pestered my dad to make me some bookshelves which he did and then paint them, which he did - bright pink with purple stripes! But I was ever so proud because then I could put all my books on my shelf and show it off to my friends. Back in those days I had heaps of books and I guess it was good for my parents to see them sitting on a shelf instead of all over the bedroom floor.

So when I was able to read 'The Magic Window' by author John M. H. Pratt it took me back to those days of when I delighted in those types of books.

The Magic Window is a  picture book story of a family of robins who build a nest in a colourful picturesque setting. The author has photographed the pictures himself and brings alive the  natural habitat of the family as the babies hatch, grow and learn to fly.

It's a wonderful bed time story for the littelies and I'm sure many praents and grandparents will love reading it to them.



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