Friday, 22 June 2012


Hello once again my fellow booklovers! How are you all doing? It's been so nice to catch up with you all. I've been really quite busy with my new series of books about Prior's Ford. Written by Eve Houston she has sequels and I'm very much enjoying them.

As you know, I'm into all those books that relate to fictional village life and these fit the reading bill nicely. It's like Rebecca Shaw all over again but with different kinds of twists and turns. So far I've bought three of them from Amazon and was lucky to down load one free via Kindle so it's all good.

The first book is called 'Secrets In Prior's Ford'. There is consternation among the villagers of pretty Scottish Borders town Prior's Ford' when a firm expresses interest in reopening an old granite quarry. Publican Glen organises a protest group then starts to feel nervous with the outcome. Jenny Forsyth is shocked that someone comes forward from her past. Newly widowed Clarissa Ramsay discovers her deceased husband Keith had a secret life while up at Linn Hall the owners realise they have much more at stake  with the changes threatened by the quarry reopening.

Such fun books to read. Eve Houston has done well to explain the outline of the village and the residents lives - it's like your actually there! I love being in the moment with a book and this delivers.
So, if your into these lovely books and enjoy light easy reading then I say, look them over.

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