Thursday, 19 April 2012


Browsing around today and found an awesome site called 'The Official Information and Community Website'  -
This site allows you to become a member for free and sample some juicy gossip about the great Dame Agatha Christie. Members can keep track of what books they have read and which books they'd like to read. There is also a 'Christie and her Stories' section containing info on all her sleuths we have to love including:
Miss Marple
Tommy and Tuppence
Ariadne Oliver
Harley Quin
Parker Pyne
Hastings and
Chief Inspector Japp.
These are kind of small bios of the sleuths and are worth a look.

The section  I'm particularly fond of is the 'Christie Maps'. Now, this is great as it allows you to see the areas where the novels have taken place but you really need to check it out for yourselves.

Twitter and Facebook fans will be delighted with the sites 'News and Insight' section, it tells you where and when you can get the latest versions of hardback copies.

'Buy Books, DVD'S, etc is the section where I've been spending a LOT of time today - just looking, just sighing,- makes one want to start buying and reading Christies whole collection all over again.

Now, the FUN section! 'Community and Events'. There are murder games to play, you can even have your own  say so hence a forum if you like, a book club and wait for it.....................(drum roll) a 'Swap and Sell' section!

Oh geez guys, I've just fallen in love with this site - I can't seem to get enough of it! I click on one link, then I'm off to another.
Yup, get on your bookloverscouch and enjoy!


  1. I used to read mysteries all the time but have gotten away from them in the last 15 years. I got to the point that I could figure it out to early in the book.
    The enthusiasm shown for Agatha Christie has made me think about starting to read mysteries again.

  2. Hi Snokitty! Welcome to bookloverscouch! I'm so glad your an enthusiatic Christie fan as well. Please let us know what books you enjoy reading.


  3. Oooo....I love this post. A Christie fan myself, I look forward to reading more.

    Also, as the senior web designer of I have to tell you that I love your design.