Sunday, 22 April 2012


Rather a quirky kind of book but very cute. I had a lot of fun reading this one as I'm keen to know what goes on inside Buck House, how it runs, the maids, butlers, cooks etc and of course the great lady herself  -  yes the Queen, has even been written into this hard to put down book.
Of course, it's only a fictional book so readers, don't take it as truth. If you want to read a little fun whilst solving the murder then you'll enjoy this one.

Robin Tukes, aspiring actor and also footman at the palace has been murdered and his close friend and housemaid Jane Bee, sets herself the task of finding out 'whodunnit'.

I love the way author C.C. Benison allows her sleuth to take us on a tour of the grand palace whilst giving us  juicy scandal PLUS murder, combined with the fact that her busy days also include how to get gum out of the carpets in the State Rooms!
Credit to C.C. Benison also for detailing a map of the corridors and rooms for the book, so us readers can follow the footsteps of the murderer and the staff.

Ah, yes sit back and enjoy this one booklovers - just as I did.

Oh, by the way and before I forget, for those of you that really enjoy reading this book,  C.C. Benison has followed up with another of the same titled 'DEATH AT SANDRINGHAM HOUSE'.


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