Monday, 25 June 2012

TOE THE LINE by Dick Hannah

What can I say about this book except that it was awesome. There is a fine line between murder mystery and romance when they are combined but Hannah wrote it so well, in fact, I fell in love with his characters. And the literary descriptions he gives us of Seattle (the city in which the story takes place) are beyond what I'd expect from a relatively new author. He made me think I was there too!

Small business owner and triathlete Wynn Johnston, finds his life in turmoil when his training and business partner, Wheeler, is murdered at Seattle airport. As Wynn delves into the Wheeler's past he unravels a past that his friend was involved in. And the murderer is stalking him across Seattle.

Of course, what's a murder mystery without a little bit of romance huh? So of course and maybe for us ladies, Hannah has delightfully added a touch of this there for us.

I hope Mr Hannah that you truly enjoy writing books as I believe you do, for I will certainly be waiting for your next one.


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