Monday, 30 April 2012


Hmmmmmm, to get one or not.
As I've said before, I've got that many books it's really not funny anymore. I think hubby is secretly becoming a bit overwhelmed with it all as they are stuffed into three rooms now,  though he's not really saying much, I can read between the lines.

Recently we had to buy a new laptop, later we found out we could've had the old one fixed for a minimal charge and would have saved ourselves heaps of money. But the nice gentleman who fixed it for us (so we can have it on standby) mentioned to my hubby that he  purchased a Kindle for his wife. For him to have mentioned this to my said hubby, I firmly believe they were talking about their said wives! Ok, not a bad thing as long as they were nice things I guess?
So hubby comes home last night to find me searching through his office for my books. Yes ok, I've got a few in there - well I had to find more room didn't I?
Anyway, he had to venture into his own office when I was in there didn't he and so that's how I got caught and gave him the opportunity to tell me something  that had been playing on his mind since he'd spoken to the computer doctor. The Kindle!

Oh I didn't like the idea, I denied that I have a few too many books, I said he would get his office back once I had sold all the books at the market (which I completely forgot about and now it's put off until next month), I 'd feel like I was the computer reading by a Kindle instead of having a real book in my hands to curl up with and how was I to learn about another new gadget at my age?

But the  'what else can I do and I need my office back'  look on his face said it all - I really need to do something about it and he was right of course.
So I patiently listened, yes let him have his five minutes, and as I did I was thinking I should probably open my mind to a Kindle.
He said  the computer doctor's wife was  a book worm too and she also kicked and screamed at the idea when he suggested it to her.
Fancy, married couples fighting over books!
But he bought one for her anyway and  she loves it!

Now, I realize books can be downloaded onto a Kindle and you can have thousands at the ready, but I didn't realize how much cheaper it would be to purchase the amount of books you want nor the fact that they would be there ready to read within minutes.
So to pacify hubby, I  Googled  information about Kindles.

Oh my, there are a few out there aren't there?

But the one that has caught my eye is 'Kindle Wi-Fi 6" e-reader.
It looks ok, the price looks reasonable and I'm going to go and have a little look at it. I bet when I do there will be countless others that I'm supposed to try and get my head around,  but I'm sure a nice young salesperson will take  pity on me and help/try to explain the technology of it.
The one thing I did read about Kindles is that you need good lighting or at least a little torch thingy that is attached to the kindle. Hmmmmm, my mind wonders, would this deter me from trying to balance and read the kindle at the same time as having my hot milo in my hands? Would it mean that if I don't have the torch thingy attached that I need to read with the big light on at night when I really prefer to have the bedside lamp on?
I don't know, I'm not sure, but the benefits of having so many books at the one time loaded into a Kindle,  kinda makes me a little excited!

I also Googled the books I could download, lots of different sites for them, too many to mention so I'd appreciate some help here guys.
Amazon seemed to have a few books from some of my favourite authors that I hadn't known about so that was fun and to think, I could have them within minutes!
And then there are other book sites that I've yet to get to.

Mother's Day is in two weeks and so hubby and son  are going to surprise me with one after I've chosen it. Yes, I'm going to have a go at a Kindle.

So who of you have a Kindle, e-Reader and what's the difference please?



  1. You'll be surprised at how much you like it when you get it. I read so much more with it.

    I actually have 2 Kindles: Kindle Keyboard and a Kindle Fire.

    I bought the Keyboard first. I recommend going with 3g on it! I didn't think I'd want it since we have wi-fi at the house but it's been fantastic on trips. I like this one because it has a lot more storage space. You can store TONS of books on it.

    The Fire was my recent splurge. You can see my full thoughts here:

    Book wise, Amazon has a decent selection. They tend to have good deals. I have lots of book on my kindles and most of them I've only paid $.99-$3.99 for and the those are "big name" books too. The indie selection is pretty decent as well. Check out your library. Kindle books are now available at many libraries for a 10 day loan. I love it!

    Alison at The Cheap Reader

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  2. Thankyou Alison for giving more information regarding the Kindle. I'll certainly take what you've written on board and ask about it when I go shopping for one. And thankyou too for the library idea. It's been a while since I last visited so will look into that as well.

    Once again, thanks!

  3. I recently received a Kindle Fire from my hubs for Valentine's Day. I LOVE it! I actually had Kindle for my PC and although it is a great app. It's nothing like having it in your hand. Being that the Kindle Fire was my 1st. e-reader, It is by far the best gift I've received in a long time.
    Kindle Fire is like having a handheld computer at your fingertips. Music, Books, Movies/TV shows, Games, and more

    My only gripe would be not being able to use it outdoors. It has the worse glare outdoors, due to the fact that screen is made of glass. You can check out my 4 star review here.

    Thanks for following my blog! I'll subscribe by e-mail. You should consider putting a GFC Follow button or Linky button on your blog. It increases your followers.

    Thanks again!
    ~Lisa Silverlight Book Blogs and Paranormal Urban Fantasy Reviews and Goodies

  4. Thanks for following my blog, I would love to follow you back but can't find a GFC button.
    I've resisted a kindle (so far) because I love the feel and smell of books - but I can see how handy it would be to have so many books in one place. I’m looking forward to seeing how you get on. Barbara

  5. I have a Kindle app for my phone only, but... I love it because authors gift me their books to review through it and I can find A LOT of free books! I use this site anyway -