Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I've enjoyed all of Maeve Binchy's books so far and I've still yet to read some more. Began with 'Tara Road' and liked it so much I bought the DVD, though as I've said in my very first blog post here, movies never really come close to the reading. But enough of the movie stuff, the book 'Tara Road' had me imagining all types of scenes, what with the much talked about house and it's renovations, Rita and Marilyn - the main two characters -  who decide to get away from it all after tragedies are hurled at them out of the blue, and with those life changes comes huge adjustments. There is the loveable 'Quentins' restaurant where a lot of soul searching takes place.

With Maeve Binchy at her best, she takes 'Quentins' through a few more novels and we are allowed to be swept into the lives of new characters but with the twist of them all knowing one another whether it be friend or foe.

Not all of Maeve Binchy's novels are about this particular field, other books she's written are just good ole' Irish reading novels - yet you get the feeling of the most cosiest kind with each and every one of her stories.

Since 1982 Meave Binchy has notched up a dozen or so novels and short stories. I loved her quick read books, and all of these have become best sellers.

Have a little read of one of her novels on the bookloverscouch and I'm sure you'll be wanting more.

Check her out at the  link on the right hand side and let me know what you think.


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  1. I love Maeve Binchy, too. Some of her books I like better than others, but still, she's one of my favorites!