Thursday, 21 June 2012


Love to crochet. I've had this hobby since I was a teenager. Though I can't knit and have been shown numerous times, I'm a mean crochet blanket maker. Now, I'm going into the tricky side of it (well for me anyway), I'm going to attempt to crochet ladies tops. It's the treble and funny names they have that I'm going to have to learn but at least I can pick up a stitch quite easily if I drop it, not like knitting where I can never find the damn thing when I drop/lose it.

So I've finished heaps of baby blankets now and have given them away as little gifts to anyone I know who's expecting the stork some time soon, so why not give my hand to little matinee tops for bubs and some pretty tops for the ladies?

Hmmm, see how I go.

I did find some great books for crochet learners that I've linked to the side bar. One I purchased has easy, peasy instructions, the book for 'dummies' like moi.

Do any of you crochet?
Do you have any easy, peasy patterns?



  1. I actually do a lot of crochet, but like you, I've been intimidated to go beyond making throws and blankets. I'm worried that I'll end up with something completely deformed at the end, lol. I haven't tried my hand at clothing yet. Let us know how the top turns out!

    I found your blog via bookblogs -- it's cute, and anyone who crochets is fine by me :) I hope you'll have a chance to drop by my blog. It's

  2. Hi and welcome to Book Lovers Couch Niki. Well, I'm half way through the top, just don't get too excited about it - there is still the chance of a minor mishap hahahahahasnort.