Thursday, 17 May 2012


Love, love, love this book!
Everything I ever wanted to know (because I'm a sticky beak at the best of times) about the intricities of the palace and the family that resides within, is bought to life in this wonderful book.
Without giving too much away I'm going to give you a run-down of what's inside - it's a bit like itching to know what that particular house down the road is like on the inside.

THE HOUSE - Oh gosh! It gives us a floor plan of the main floor and the bedroom floor with an adjacent picture of the exterior of the palace so you can visually work your way around the outside and see where rooms are situated. It even shows you where the junk room is! Well, I s'pose every home has one.

AT HOME - Yes, the royal family have their moments, just like the rest of us in that the kids play up just when you don't need them to. Who would've thought! The family enjoy shows like Coronation Street, Eastenders and like us they entertain guests and have dinner parties, only some of those are a tad larger with the head count than what we'd ever engage in.

UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS - Ah, it's troublesome at times to employ the right house help isn't it?  But the 'help' do enjoy their gossip  - among their own of course. Like Prince Charles trying to negotiate the hot versus cold taps in the bathroom.
Every day, staff organise on-going delivery vans which are full of groceries, flowers, it's just a never-ending stream, but a very well oiled machine. There's no time for mishaps and there's even a ghost in the palace, so the staff say.

BY ROYAL COMMAND - If one is ever lucky enough to receive an invitation to the palace for dinner then one would be taken to the Ballroom. Did you know, it takes three days to set the table? From the laying of the tablecloth right down to the exit of the plates, it's mapped out how the footman, cooks and washer upperers get their jobs done in no time.They have signal lights which aide the staff for timing purposes. Nifty idea hey? I thought about that for my own home but my family,  full of males,  aren't very good with commands.

There's so much more in this book which makes it very, very interesting. It's only 96 pages but there are some excellent insights, pictures and maps, you'll be pleasantly surprised.


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