Sunday, 20 May 2012


I'm a glutton for anything about English villages and so it's no surprise that I'm a book lover of all things of the english nature,
Midsomer Murders, I've been watching since it began and I still enjoy watching the repeats. If anything, not only are the murders all things gory, but the countryside settings and villages are what keep me tuned in (oh and the fact that the detectives, John and Tom Barnaby are cute).

I love seeing the settings for market places, fetes, churches and the county our detectives are seen driving through, it's simply stunning.
Midsomer Murders On Location has listed all the relevant motels, inns, restaurants, bridges, roads, lanes and counties where it's all filmed. If your like me ( a foreigner) to all these areas, then maps have been marked within the book to help guide us through with the help of markings for any specifics.
In fact, one of the privately owned manors where a gruesome murder took place looks deceptively like 'Downton Abbey'. Over one hundred locations used for filming 'Midsomer Murders' are listed - some with beautiful pictures too!

Actually, this is a book I won in a competition and have decided it's definately NOT one for a swap or sale. You see, when hubby and I visit England we shall be able to use this book as a reference guide because it tells you where the murders happened - how exciting!

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have.


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