Friday, 25 May 2012

TROUBLE IN MUDBUG - A Ghost-In-Law Mystery

Straight to the point here, some reviews of this book said it had too much sex and not enough mystery. Personally, I thought it was heavy on the sex and,  in agreement with the reviews, not enough mystery as the title suggests. So beware booklovers, it's not one for the youngsters.

When I found myself skimming a few pages in search of the ghost plot, I found I was still able to keep on track of the parts I hadn't read. Meaning, I hadn't missed much at all.

The characters are loveable but the scenes misled me. I was under the impression that the town 'Mudbug' was of a small population, but every now and then I found it was getting larger - and so I was confused.

There are a few scientific views in this book which mind boggled me and I found it wasn't as intriguing as it was meant to be - or it may be just that  I  expected something different. Look, I wouldn't say not to buy it, afterall, you have to make that decision, but for what it's worth you have to read the second series to find out who the murderer is; and if anyone can find that out for me, I'd appreciate it.


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