Friday, 11 May 2012


Whenever I hear 'Dancing Queen' on the radio, on telly  or at Karaoke venues, I get the need to sing along. As young girls, my friend Sharon and I used to pretend we were the girls from Abba and with hairbrushes as microphones, the record on full throttle, we'd belt out their songs in front of the mirror. Sharon of course had to be the blonde one because she really has got blonde hair and so naturally I had to be the dark haired one - much to my dismay - but I really pretended I was the blonde one.

And so I have every record and every book that Abba ever  recorded or printed.

I'd heard about,  'As I Am - Abba Before And Beyond'  but was unable to buy it as it was not  printed any longer. Yet years later, I did a search on Ebay and won it by auction at a cost to me which I care not to disclose (in case my husband reads this). Certainly I paid more than the original owner would have,  but I was determined and it was down to just two of us eager buyers, battling it out until I finally won! It's quite a large book and so I also had a heavy postage cost. But was it worth it?

Beautifully illustrated, Agnetha has chosen some iconic pictures - some black and white, some coloured - which present us with memories of that era. But she doesn't just stop there, for as the title says, the book is also in favour of  'Beyond Abba'. Rather a telling insight as to how she has coped with life after Abba, her divorce, her children, new love life and of course her professional career.

Agnetha really does lift the lid on those rumours of her being a recluse. She has let her guard down with this auto-biography and must be applauded for telling the story straight.

I highly recommend this book for all you Abba fans. It's one not to miss.



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